Saturday, November 26, 2011

End of a Chapter

It's taken me nearly a month to get around to posting this short video I took of the Art on the Farm show. I wanted to show those who couldn't make it what a great ambiance the barn provides for displaying art.  This is a little over a minute long and includes a bit of Mark Royal Schroll's booth (painter). (This is my first attempt at creating and posting a video clip -- no doubt there is room for improvement!)

I met many people offering encouraging things to be heard - I took it all in.  The show was very fulfilling to me because of this; however, set-up was a lot of work (why couldn't I have chosen Jewelry as my form of self-expression?).  I fear that this is the last of my shows for awhile as I find myself back amongst the employed.  In fact, I was thinking it was time for me to hang up the camera and for good -- the venture has been valuable and a good friend in a time of uncertainty, but the time needed to honor an artistic vision is just not abundant for me now - and compromising just ends in frustration.

It was the day after the 2011 Art on the Farm show that I received a link from Ailne Smithson (L E N S C R A T C H) regarding the inclusion of my comments on a piece she ran on her blog entitled "The One that Got Away"  (my story is second from the bottom)... the bookending of how I got into fine art photography with my thoughts of a hiatus felt serendipitous.  

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