Monday, July 29, 2013

View Finder - Art finds a way

Hiatus interrupted...  Really, it's not that I haven't been photographing -- I just don't do it the way my preconceived notions of what a "photographer" does, anymore.  I take daily pictures with my cell phone camera. The world generally has more immediate access to a utilitarian lens in which to capture views, thoughts, injustices, color, seasons, people, food, things.  I am with those who have enfolded the act of pushing a button on a toast-size device into a daily consciousness - and I have thousands of pictures to show for it.  And then - I go to work and put away my insatiable need to catch fleeting moments into bytes. 

On occasion, I reflect on the constraints of decisions I've made in my life and as represented by the 3.5 foot by 4 foot opening in my office in which the only view beyond is permitted. I look through this window when my work does not hold my attention well enough.  And yet, art still finds me in that restrained view, just like it finds a prisoner held in with bars, or a city held in by poverty.  It is powerful, it is always changing, it is there - no matter how restricted the view may seem.

(All of these are shot from the same window and with the same mobile phone.)

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