Saturday, October 8, 2011

Art Harvest Time - time to pick art! Art on the Farm - Dexter, Mi

Art on the Farm - Pick Some Art!  (RSVP invitation shareable on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook)

Art on the Farm website

This is the only opportunity to purchase my work if you're interested.  I am more of an artist than a merchant so rarely participate in events to sell work - but I so love the atmosphere of Art on the Farm and what Lauren Kingsley and Jack Spack have created and shared with the community that I go beyond my comfort zone and share a few select pieces of work at this annual event.  It is a lot of work, it is usually delightfully chilly and the energy is unparalleled - you will see many truly creative and wonderful work falling more in the fine art and fine craft categories.

Stop in and say hello if you have a chance.  This year I will be in the main barn tucked away in the small back room just to the left of the great regional painter: Mark Royal Schroll.  Look for the lighted "The Witch Is IN" sign and you will have found me!  (And if you are looking for the tin pieces as seen in the pic below - I only have one left from last year and if I have time I will have two smaller versions for this show -- I know these are popular but they are truly one of a kind and it takes a lot of time to distress the pans.  It is usually a process of leaving them outside to rust for a few months along with an occasional visit to the fire pit -- which I didn't have time to stoke this year.)