Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This is all I've managed?

Another year gone by and I'm thinking about what I will have in the upcoming Art on the Farm show.  About the only things that meet my odd set of quality esthetics/standards are the images that nobody much responds to via the monitor -- but in person they are quite subtle and complex - visually like what Cognac must be to some.  In other words, nobody will buy them, not sure they will even much look at them -- but those who do I think will enjoy them.

I haven't settled on a name, but thinking in terms of "sheer", or some combination.  There are two sets, one in color and one in black and white.  In one of the black and white images you can see Moir√© patterning (at least in the real print, it doesn't show up in the monitor) - something that is a nod to my artist mother who was/is fascinated by wave patterns and frequently used this concept in her printmaking work.  It was the merging of the scientist and artist that I remember as she equally shared stories of physics and printmaking techniques

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