Saturday, August 6, 2011

Waiting for Tomatoes (and thyme)

Heirloom leaf
(in case you were wondering)
I realize that I've hijacked my own art blog!  The angst in the handful of previous posts is annoying. I've worked fairly hard to separate my artist side from my "professional" persona in some notion that the two would negatively impact one another... In reality, we all know that life isn't that neat and organized.  Obviously, the employment situation (or lack thereof), has been on my mind and it has impacted my art -- how I see the world, what I see in others' art, what I see in my own.  What I really miss (outside the human contact), is the less jaded view I used to have - creating art was fun... now it just feels laborious (and yes I realize the veiled irony of that). 

I do plan to lighten up a bit... here is a start: Heirloom tomatoes (what were they before they were "heirlooms"?).  These are about half dollar sized, they supposedly get upwards of a pound in weight - I'm waiting.  All this to avoid paying $7 for a tomato like I did last year at the Ann Arbor Farmers market.  Yes, it was an indulgent expense, didn't realize I was about to be so foolish with my budget until I was well into the transaction and some sense of social decorum prevented me from screaming in surprise "What? Are you crazy?  HOW much for this tomato?".  But that didn't stop my husband from questioning the cost/value ratio; to which the vendor replied: "You haven't tasted MY tomatoes", with the inflection of knowing they were beyond compare or the belief that these were on par with the finest caviar. In her defense - it was an outstanding tomato.  

This year, quickly calculating the cost benefit of attempting to grow my own - I ended up with 2 plants for a total investment of around $10 (not counting water - which really isn't free after all).  We'll see if I'll end up with bragging rights at the end of the season; right now, all I have is this picture.  

Behind thyme
Here is another image.  Not much to say about this one other than I do enjoy a good pun with the cat waiting behind the pot of thyme.  This is her at work, she is an excellent performer - I do think she picked the right profession.

Did they ever find Godot? (Does anyone read Beckett for fun?)

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