Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Artist Statements - ARGHH

Ah, I've been tricked. You really can't just do art and put it out there. You have to talk about it. I have been submitting to a number of juried shows and have had to come up with various statments to include with my .jpg's. This is hard. I don't think in words when I'm working on visual projects.  This doesn't negate symbolism, meaning, etc., in the work - it's just that I often don't have words to describe what I'm doing, conveying or intending. One of the recent competitions I entered I completely neglected to include a statement about the group of photos I was submitting. They are abstract - so not sure what there is to be said other than "Do you like it?".

As far as meaning, it certainly has that - but my meaning may convolute yours and I'd rather stay away from that. Anyway, what I would have said (now that I've had the better part of 3 weeks to ruminate on what I neglected to say) is that photographers are often encouraged to take pictures of what they know best, the landscape of their lives. My world has gotten rather small since being laid off nearly a year ago - it doesn't include much beyond my house - and yet, it is a virtual universe here. The pieces I submitted were titled "Window 1, 2, 3..." etc. and reflect the passing of time and the solitude of having enough time to not only notice the shadows form on the drapes, but also how they change little by little, with each passing moment. I suppose the solitude is conveyed in these images and parallels the state I find myself in of late.  Though a bit lonely, it's also lovely.

UPDATE: Came across this on another FB page
Instant artist statement: Arty Bollocks Generator

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